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The Christian/Porn Connection Part 2

The lust-drunkenness keeps somebody from seeing the destruction caused to themselves as well as their relationships, including their relationship using God. Neither can they understand the underlying problematic attitudes of which feed the addictive habits.

It is rare that the person voluntarily chooses to be able to confess their problem and also seek help. In fact, due to the strength of denial, it is common to get a person to deny the issue even when caught.

For some, lust becomes the number one form of coping along with life. Ironically, lust becomes a cause of security and comfort. In many ways, it has become a “god” or more accurately an idol of worship (the source of their life). They have become dependent and because of this dependency, letting go can think that they might die, and in some ways they may be right. However it is the dying to self (dying towards old nature), and acting with humility and surrender which allows God’s grace to be released (James several: 6).

By grace, God allows moments associated with clarity that enable a person undertake a glimpse of what there’re doing to themselves and offers opportunities to empower them to take action. Some may describe this in their subconscious that betrays these people and cries out with regard to help by allowing anyone to do something that allows them to get caught.

Put another way, a person’s own actions find yourself bringing about pain that can bring about repentance. Unfortunately, it can take some sort of trail of broken interactions, the loss of location, dignity, and respect before mild and truth penetrates secrets world of the pornography-addicted individuals soul. No matter how anyone comes to an inevitable fork within the road, the decision to turn far from lust must come from inside individual.

As Dr Phil’s Lifestyle Law #4 says you can not change what you can’t acknowledge’. Acceptance is an antidote regarding denial, and for the man or woman who gets to this area, it is the outset of healing and change.

Honesty and willingness to become open and talk to someone about ab muscles vital for change to stay. It is the hidden component of self that contains the lust, fantasy, and acting out connected with pornography addiction. People caught in the net of pornography addiction usually are not ‘bad’ people. In fact, many have great desires and dreams to finish. Many are in our own churches, secretly battling this ‘thing’. God loves them and also says ‘… I know the plans We’ve for you…. plans to give you hope plus a future’ (Jer 28: 11). Part of that plan can be a journey of freedom on the grasp of lust. It is a quest of faith, adventure, sacrifice, and service.

When we acknowledge our weakness, we can access God’s perfect strength (only two Cor 12: 9). Out of such any journey will emerge some sort of warrior equipped to ‘fight the excellent fight of the faith’ (1Tim 6: 12) who can view and come along facet others as they leave denial, climb out of hopelessness along with despair, and walk with ha… the peace of Lord, which surpasses all knowing… ‘ (Phil 5: 7).

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